Oksana's story.

I used to love being a nurse and be very compassionate. Until, I started running on empty, ignoring the signs, feeling constantly exhausted and taking the work-trauma home with me.

"It got to a point where I was mentally, and physically affected and I had nothing left to give to my family."

Have you ever felt similar, but just didn’t know what to do? For too long, we’ve been taught that we can handle this – because we’ve been trained for it. And that’s why we aren’t asking for help, suffering in silence and afraid to admit the struggle – like I was.

Through my journey of self-discovery and healing, I found ways to overcome my burn-out and compassion fatigue.

"This allowed me to reclaim my love for Nursing and create balance in my life."

These are the very strategies that make up the foundation of my proven RESHAPE program today.

My mission is to help health care professionals find their joy and reignite their passion for life and work. If you’re feeling burnt-out or lost, reach out to me today.