What happens when compassion takes over your life

If you work in a caregiving industry or you’re a healthcare professional, you know that we are well-qualified and conditioned to be compassionate — the carers of all others. But what happens when showing constant compassion becomes overwhelming? From a young age we are taught to look after our younger siblings and elders. To care […]

Vicarious Trauma – A Silent Killer of Nurses

Are you a frontline nurse and feeling traumatised from caring for your Covid-19 patients? Do you suffer from insomnia, increased anxiety, depression and intrusive thoughts? These and other symptoms along with physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion may indicate that you’re suffering from Vicarious Trauma, also known as Secondary Trauma. According to International College of Nursing […]

How to Overcome Overwhelm and ‘RESHAPE’ Your Life

Do you feel emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted? Are you constantly on edge and have trouble sleeping? Or are you struggling with your interpersonal relationships? If you answered “YES” to more than two of these questions you may be experiencing signs of Vicarious Trauma, Secondary Traumatic Stress, Compassion Fatigue or Burnout. These are all forms […]