Reignite your passion for healthcare from home.

Reshape your life online program

The RESHAPE program includes a range of guided therapeutic coaching videos by Oksana, which can be accessed anywhere at anytime, to help you better manage burn-out, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma & find joy in your work once again.

Online masterclass & workshop

Attend an upcoming online masterclass or workshop with Oksana. Learn more about work burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma and how you can overcome it as a front liner or caring professional.

Individual coaching sessions

Speak directly to Oksana & create an action plan together so you can find ways to manage work-life balance and overcome your road blocks. You will work together to reignite that spark for life and work again.

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How will the RESHAPE Program help me?



The first phase of the program invites your to recognise your symptoms and any problems you’ve been facing at work and in your personal life. Is caring for others draining the happiness out of your life?



Step 2 asks you to evaluate your behaviours, responses, relationships and health. THe program will help determine where there are imbalances in your life and what you can do to help them.



Step 3 will walk you through different methods for managing and overcoming compassion fatigue, burn-out and vicarious trauma. We’ll show you new ways to create positive change in your life.



Healing yourself from work related fatigue, burn-out and trauma is a process, but we’ll show you how to start and how to practice self-compassion and listen to your body, mind and soul.



This is where we help guide you to create a consistent plan for your personal life, work life, and mental health. We provide the strategies, but nothing will change unless you put it all into action.



This phase of the program invites you to revisit your true-life purpose. We will take you back to the beginning. Did showing compassion to patients used to bring you enjoyment or satisfaction?



The final step of the program asks you to take down your walls and engage and open up with those around you once again. Have you been overthinking or becoming more and more isolated? Your loved ones can only effectively care and support you, if they know whats going on for you. We’ll show you how to make this a more comfortable and enriching process.